Another New Plant...!

Three of the last four posts have been about new plant purchases.

Make that four of the last five. I swear, I'm almost done buying stuff. (I just spent $30 on seeds for next year; they should be here in a day or two.)

Alright. I have a problem. But look! Dracaena Cordyline fruticosa "Baby Doll"! (Thanks for the ID, Mr. Subjunctive! I thought better of Garden District, but now I'm all like "Who you gonna trust? No ones!") Who can look at that and not buy is for such a cheap, cheap price? And, again, supporting a good cause so Garden District doesn't have to go all the way out of business.

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2 Responses to Another New Plant...!

  1. Everyone loves a new plant purchase. I seem to go through phases. I tend to forget how many plants I get in the summer and then when fall comes there just isn't room for them all in the house. Then in the spring I order a bunch of seed and accumulate plants all summer just to run out of room again.

  2. I think my cycle will be a bit different because of the edibles. It seems that late spring/early summer are my high-volume times, because the vegetables are growing. Late fall/early winter has been "Oh, I have so much space because the vegetables have died, what am I going to fill it with?"

    I think I'm banking on some plants not surviving the next few months so I'll have room for the veggies again in the spring, but only time will tell. I think I have a handle on the spider mites now, so that's the last of the pests (for the moment), and all I have to worry about is light, water, temperature, humidity, and bacterial and fungal infections.


    Also? Just bought a Sinningia.


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