Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Holidays, y'all!

With Hanukkah having just started and other holidays just around the corner, I thought it appropriate to show my holiday spirit, Indoor Garden(er) style.

I bought trees, of course! Araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk Island Pine, from Garden District; and Pinus pinea, Italian Stone Pine, from a Safeway. The P. pinea came with decorations and sticky leaves, but I had to decorate the A. heterophylla myself. Its boughs are graced with the knitting of a friend from university. Every year, she makes mini-mittens for her family and close friends. I'm hoping for a sixth one this year. I started copying her, but I crochet mini-stockings as ornaments (so that the mini-people don't have warm hands and cold feet, you understand).

The random clear spirally thing and the spray of glassy glitterbeads come from an overly decorated tree at a restaurant last New Year's. My friend stole them off of the tree while we were waiting to be seated around 2 AM. If you stick the glassy glitterbead stick into the clear spirally thing, it looks like a carrot.

I'm not one, really, for celebrating the holidays as many do, especially through decorating. But when one runs across cheap little cute trees and one has such decorations, well, there's little choice but to buy those trees and decorate them.

We'll see if the P. pinea makes it through to 2010. The Internets doesn't give me hope. A. heterophylla is said to be more amenable to growing indoors, but we all know what happens to happy indoor plants over here...!

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