More New Roommates--For A Good Cause

Because Garden District, my local plant store, filed for Chapter 11 a few weeks ago, I decided that I must spend more money there. I had been stopping by a lot but not buying anything as the indoor store shut down and was consolidated into the outdoor store, which moved across the street into a larger lot. The Prince of Petworth, local blogger celebrity, posted an AFP video that spotlights Garden District as an example of how small businesses are struggling despite President Obama's support of them.

Anyway, I'm one of those "supportive customers" mentioned in the video--I would much rather toss money at a local friendly face, even if it's more money than a chain store would charge for the same item.

I won't, however, buy a Christmas tree. I'm generally a scrooge around the holidays anyway, so I probably wouldn't decorate even if I were staying, but this year I have a reasonable excuse: I won't be here. I might buy a living potted one that I can keep until I kill it through over/inattention. I haven't decided.

Dieffenbachia compacta

Cyclamen "Sterling Scarlet"

And a pretty flower! There are about a dozen, now, and more on the way. The variegated leaves are also quite attractive--I don't have faith in my ability to get my beloved plants to flower, so it helps that the leaves will keep me satisfied.

Aloe "Grassy Lassie"

The label says it's a hybrid, but with what? All the flower spikes decided to say "Sike! We just playin'." when I got this home. Flowers don't seem to like my apartment--they never stay around that long.

Philodendron bipinnatifidum

This was labeled P. selloum--see Mr. Subjunctive's take on the naming convention. Then read the entire rest of the post. That post is one of the reasons I decided to buy this--I love crazy-big-leafed plants.

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One Response to More New Roommates--For A Good Cause

  1. Hi, nice plants! I really like the philodendron selloum, can I have a cutting? It looks very neat.


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