Maranta Does More Fun Things

Good plant. I like you. You like me. It's like Barney but with less pedophilic hugs and more fungus gnats.

I still don't understand how parents can allow their children to watch that show.

In lieu of an indoor update (again), here's Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura making me proud (again), so soon after it flowered!

M. leuconeura has grown a lot since I got him back in June, mostly in the past few months since I potted him up. (In fact, each plant I bought from the Beltsville Garden Club at that community sale has done excellently.)

It's sending out a few aerial roots from nodes. I couldn't get the camera to focus well, but you get the idea.

And...! Look! An offset! Beyond the prettiness; beyond flowering; and beyond steady, healthy growth, having a plant reward me by saying "Hey, I'm gonna make another plant for you" just makes me ridiculously happy. See: Scilla violaceae.

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One Response to Maranta Does More Fun Things

  1. hahaha, I never did allow my kids to watch "Barney. Or Caillou, he's just about as whiny as a cartoon kid can get! Love the patterns and color on those leaves!


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