Bagel Bonanza

I cooked 26 bagels tonight. What of it? I have had to (and will continue to have to) go to the office to work all week, despite the building being closed and Snoverload dumping more inches on us as I type.

So many local food bloggers, such as Modern Domestic, decided Snowpocalypse II was a perfect opportunity for baking. I missed all that fun by going out, playing in the snow, and then doing a spinning class at the gym (my bum hurts).

So, I left work a bit early today and decided to bake some bagels for those who, like me, must come in in the morning. I think I overdid it.

The list: three cinnamon, five plain, six oatmeal (I ate one as a test and realized they needed to be baked a bit longer--too doughy), three poppy seed, three everything (poppy seeds, onion flakes, sesame seeds) and three kinda-everything (a tiny amount of poppy seeds and onion flakes; mostly sesame seeds), and three olive oil and sunflower seed bagels (which I accidentally boiled way too long in the baking soda water--they were incredibly soft when I got them out, so I have no idea how they'll be. They baked fine, however.).

This is my second time making bagels adapted from Macheesmo's recipe. I'm a fan!

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6 Responses to Bagel Bonanza

  1. Wow, I'm impressed! Looks as though you used all the poppy seeds in town, lol! Yummy!

  2. Thanks for the link! The snow was totally a great excuse for baking. And your bagels look delicious! I made bagels once from The Joy of Cooking - it did NOT go well.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, ladies. My coworkers seemed to enjoy them--I have a request for more cinnamon bagels and more sunflower seed bagels. But right now, I want to think of the upcoming three-day weekend (after I go to work tomorrow). So many people will have had, like, an 11-day weekend... I wish.

  4. Wait... you baked these bagels? Like made them?! Good for you... I'm stoked if I can toast a bagel right! :)

  5. WOW! It never even occurred to me that you could make bagels at home - these look fabulous!

  6. Yes, J and mansionmogul, bagels can totally be made at home! Nick/Macheesmo's recipe is pretty easy to follow--just adapt it to whatever type of bagel you want (don't add cinnamon and raisins if you want an everything bagel, for example) and go for it!


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