Cinnamon Oat Cakes

It's as if my blog is transforming into a foodie blog. It's not necessarily intentional--it's not as if I don't have plant-related things to blog about, either. I promise more plants soon. I have a big indoor update planned (and promised one exactly one month ago), but individual plants keep doing interesting things that deserve their own posts (e.g., Scilla violaceae [by the way, the squill pictured there has another inflorescence emerging, and a second bulb has one, too], Maranta leuconeura v. erythroneura, and the amaryllis).

I was thinking about Halifax, Nova Scotia, for some reason tonight. Halifax is a pretty awesome city--it is small, but it's still city-ish. One of my favourite things to eat there, especially really late at night when almost nothing is open, are the oat cakes from Perks on the waterfront. I can't find oat cakes like the ones they have anywhere. They're likely Scottish-inspired, but none of the recipes I look at are quite like Perks's oat cakes. They are chewy, like granola bars, but neither too crunchy nor too soft. They are very oaty and not really sweet. Just... Carbs. I love carbs.

So, I searched the Internets for a recipe and stumbled upon a vegan one. I often end up using vegan recipes because I'm most likely to have the ingredients already on hand--and it turns out I did! Well, almost. I didn't have buckwheat flour, so I used some whole rye flour instead.

Tasty tasty things, but not what I was really looking for. I can't complain, however--these are still wonderful!

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One Response to Cinnamon Oat Cakes

  1. Kenneth- I so want to visit Nova Scotia. It's definately on my top ten list. And being a foodie is awesome!! The past several weeks I havent had time to blog but just eat at some wonderful places. The oat cakes look like a good source of carbs for a long run. Nice!


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