Maranta Keeps Doing Fun Things

Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura was tricking me back in January when I thought it was for some reason sending out aerial roots. Nope--it was an aerial offset to complement the below-ground offset you can see in the foreground. Clearly the plant expects to grow low to the ground--you can see how the offset goes down, curving back up to emerge from the soil a bit away from the mother plant. Or, the offset would emerge from the soil like it's big brother here if it weren't aerial.

I don't mind that it's aerial--actually, I like it better because of that! Oh M. leuconeura, you treat me right!

Now, me treating it right...? I'm hoping those white patches are just water spots. I started using tap water--I have too many plants to use filtered water (it takes way too long to filter).

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6 Responses to Maranta Keeps Doing Fun Things

  1. Cool plant. I've killed one of these and at the time I didn't care but now I wish I hadn't killed it.

  2. They're easy enough to find--I'm sure you'll run across another soon!

  3. Oooh, I love offsets! Free plants!

  4. Exactly, Erin! Any plant that offsets this readily gets, like, 50 extra points in my book of awesomeness.

  5. Nice prayer plant! I really I really like it, I was wondering if you can mail me a cutting and in return I can mail you a wandering jew cutting. Please I hope to get one as I've wanted one for almost a year. You can also email me at thanks!

    1. Sorry, dynamicgardening, this plant is well gone from my garden. All of my plants were given away in early 2011--the ones I kept were destroyed by the USDA when I returned to the US without proper documentation for my plants. This is a very common plant, so I'm sure you'll see it around! You might have better luck finding it at a florist or grocery store than, say, a garden centre or home hardware store.


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