New Year Kimchi

With not much to do yesterday, I decided to make Maangchi's Easy Kimchi to celebrate Korean (Chinese, Lunar, etc.) New Year. (I also decided to work on an indoor update, but I don't want to throw up a bunch of pictures without copious amounts of text, which takes some time to glue together.)

It took a few hours--but most of that was salting the cabbage. There was a lot of chopping involved (not exactly my favourite kitchen task), but this will no doubt be worth it. I have several months' worth of kimchi here!

I ate some straightaway. Very spicy! I'm looking forward to testing out the fermented batch in a couple days.

This is 1.5 gallons of kimchi. Yeah, that's right. Delicious!

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2 Responses to New Year Kimchi

  1. yay! your kimchi looks great! Congatulation!!: )

  2. Thank you, Maangchi!

    I guess I should mention--I didn't use fish sauce or include raw squid. This here kimchi is vegan!

    Oh for the days when I could lift things with my left arm... They will be here again!


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