Snow Says "Hi Again! How Ya Doin'?"

Our friendly neighbour decided to drop in again, and he brought a couple dozen of his friends. Okay, imagine our neighbour is one inch of snow and his friends are also one inch of snow each. Then combine them into a couple dozen inches of snow. That's what I'm getting at--that's what knocked on DC's door over the weekend.

Not really a good anthropomorphic metaphor if I have to explain it like that, now is it?

But I don't get paid to concoct clever metaphors. Luckily.

This was just a pretty tree on 18th Street. I was on my way home from The Black Squirrel, which had excellent roasted organic veggie pasta! I have never been to The Black Squirrel before, but I follow them on Twitter for several reasons: quirk, local, and a really cute little squirrel in a detective outfit picture! I was happy to meet the woman who does all the tweeting--she's nice. Be good to her! They were open all weekend, and hopefully they'll be open during the next snowstorm, scheduled for tomorrow. Yay!

During a trek on Saturday, I saw this tree atop a few cars. Most of the trees or branches that fell had bark and buds similar to this one--I'd guess same species, because they're all public DC street trees, and there's not a great wide list of trees they use. This particular species (which I have difficulty identifying in spring and summer, let alone winter! And of course I didn't take close-up shots) is probably more fragile than some of the others in the area. I saw a crape myrtle almost bent over double without breaking, but whatever type of tree this is couldn't take the weight of the snow, and branches were down all over the city--some on sidewalks, some on cars. I saw a few break and fall earlier in the afternoon, but as the day went on, I think enough of the snow melted off that the weight wasn't so great.

While on my way home later that day, I wandered past this tree again. A guy with a stash of Yuengling under his arm asked me what I would do if this were my car under the tree. I said call insurance and DC Department of Public Works to see who will pay for repairs (although I did a bit of digging and it seems that the Department of Transportation's Urban Forestry Administration might have jurisdiction over the street trees? Ah well, some government agency does). He said it was his car, but then another guy standing nearby piped in and started asking him what he planned to do--because that second guy actually owned the second car completely covered by the tree's branches. The beer guy backpedaled and said he didn't own the first car, then he dropped all his beer in the street.

Luckily an NPR reporter came by trying to snag a picture of the man whose car was hidden beneath the wreckage, so after he declined to be photographed, I asked her "Well, why don't you look into doing a story about what all the people in DC who are in similar situations should do to figure out how to handle the expenses and who to contact about it?" She said "Thanks for doing my job for me" and gave the guy her card to follow up with her. And yet, NPR didn't hire me for some reason.

On Saturday, I went to the Dupont Circle Snowball Fight. There were tons of these around the city (10 or so that were advertised), but I just happened across this one on my wander (it's close to Mr. Yogato).

So I shot some videos in between making snowballs to throw at our enemies across the street; into diplomats' vehicles as they drove by with their windows down to film us playing; at cop cars; at the unfortunate traitors who ended up falling in the street while switching sides; and at anyone walking through the Zone of Death with an umbrella, a crazy hat, luggage, or a purse.

This is an overview of the early carnage. Hundreds battled, but few survived!

This was hours later, when only the strong remained. Waves of enemies tried to broach our defenses, but they were driven back with amazing force!

I almost left the fight at this point--several cop cars, a van, and an unmarked cop Bronco drove by and stopped. This one, however, got stuck, so we had fun with it.

And then we helped get it free. And then we had fun with it again. 'cause that's how we roll.

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3 Responses to Snow Says "Hi Again! How Ya Doin'?"

  1. These videos are too funny, and beer guy too! I guess the beer was his main plan until he dropped it. I was wondering this weekend how you fared with the storm!

  2. That tree pic is pretty awesome.

    The videos are fun, I was almost expecting there to be one like the on (Baltimore?) where they pelted the unmarked cop car with snowballs and then he got out and almost pulled a gun on the crowd.

  3. Oho--no, the cop pulling a gun was DC's Snowpocalypse I in December. It was on 14th and U Streets, right where a farmers' market is during the summer. It's a nice market. Our cops, however, are even more spectacular.

    They were a little more relaxed about it this time.


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