Cyclanthophobia: Does It Exist?

I define cyclanthophobia as a fear of Cyclamen flowers. Now, Scarlet is a truly fearsome specimen of Cyclamen, and I understand how one might fear her predatory wrath (scroll to the bottom of the post I linked to).

But I was wondering if cyclanthophobia is just a subcategory of a more general fear of small, downward-looking flowers that appear fearsome when perceived from a vantage point below the bloom. Part of the fear might have to do with seeing things commonly viewed from a more level plane, such as a window, a door, or the ceiling. I can't think of a clever word to encompass the entire idea, however, so I'm sticking with cyclanthophobia.

I will, however, test my hypothesis that such fear is evoked by more than just Cyclamen with this series of photos that I took of Galanthus flowers on Saturday. Click on the pictures to view them in their full splendor.

Okay... This seems an innocuous-enough Galanthus, right? Small, spring blooming, downward pointing, green splotches on the inner tepals, kind of nice. But as you grow complacent... It pounces!

"Grr! I will eats you!" Gally growls.

"Om nom nom nom."

Now, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being "I peed myself," how scared were you?

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4 Responses to Cyclanthophobia: Does It Exist?

  1. I'm beginning to worry about you.

  2. I take that in a complimentary sense. Thank you for caring 'bout me! :)

    But cyclanthophobia is no laughing matter. It is a serious condition with dire consequences for the afflicted.

    Also, I put it on Urban Dictionary. It was accepted and will be up shortly. So, now it's, like, totally real.

  3. Galanthus look cool from below, especially the double forms. It may be more Cyclamen specific.

  4. I would never worry about you. You're too far gone for that. I think it's only you're crazy cyclamen that's evil. Lately witch hazel has also started to creep me out. I was really starting to like it. Then I saw lots of pictures and now I'm slightly frightened. So I guess that's a no on my part.



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