Gettin' Busy

With plants, that is.

No... Wait. That doesn't really sound any better.

This post is half of the oft-spoken, yet-to-be-delivered Indoor Update! This selection is of barely mentioned, not-really-blogged-about plants. Many of them are new, but a lot of them weren't bought--they came from seed or another reproductive method! Okay, so I bought the seed, but really, nothing was too expensive, except the Pandanus veitchii.

I spent about $10 for this Phalaenopsis orchid. It was an impulse purchase back in January. I felt that in order to be a true obsessive plantaholic, I must venture into orchids. It dropped all its flowers almost immediately (cold shock from transporting it outside?), but the buds at the end of the flower stalk are starting to flesh out right about now, so I might get some more.

I'm looking forward to getting around to reading Mr. Subjunctive's profile on Phalaenopsis. But here are a few excuses why I can't right now: I'm blogging, I'm taking classes, I'm baking right now, I'm doing laundry, I'm busy. I will read it sometime this weekend. I have faith that it is excellently prepared and informative.

This is a sunflower that I am growing from seed I collected from Titan. I don't expect it to get even close to the size Titan got, but I do believe it'll give me a flower in my living room!

Speaking of giving me something in my living room, this is ginger. I bought a little rhizome from Hana Market, a nice Japanese grocer/travel agency on 17th and U Streets. I forgot about it in my bookbag, and when I found it before going to Canada in December, it had a little sprout! So I buried it, and now it's growing.

Here is a ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata. Just something to try. $6. The real prize in this picture is what's behind B. recurvata...

"Diablo" Cosmos from Seed Savers Exchange! I bought them to grow at Mr. Yogato (the owner's favourite colour is orange), but I decided to chuck a few seeds into a pot just a few weeks ago. And there are already flower buds on my window sill!

Dracaena marginata "Tricolor." I planted it with my Dieffenbachia in an attempt to pretty up the pot, conserve space in my living room, and prevent me from overwatering the Dieffenbachia. I figure "Tricolor" will help use up that water!

Dracaena "Lemon-Lime." Just 'cause I can!

Here's my Pandanus veitchii, the screw pine. It's doing well--I got it... Er... I don't remember when I got it. The leaf tips are browning, but it seems to be okay with me.

This Alternanthera "Party Time" was not happy coming to my apartment! It dropped leaves immediately. I thought maybe it was potbound (it was), so I stuck it in a large 8" pot by itself on the theory that it would grow like Alternanthera dentata does in my living room (id est, "crazy"). It hasn't grown like that, but it stopped dropping leaves, so I am satisfied for the moment.

This is sage from a seed packet my friend bought at Old Sturbridge Village, in Massachusetts. It's famous (?) for growing varieties that were originally grown back in the 1800s and as a good source of heirloom seeds. This particular sage plant garnished some nice roasted turnips I made the other week.

Polystichum acrostichoides, "Christmas fern," is native to Eastern North America. Also, it's one of the only ferns I have here at The Indoor Garden(er) that grows fronds instead of dropping them! I acquired this fern at the Washington Gardener Seed Exchange in January. I didn't seem to have blogged about that... But I did, at least, mention it.

I also have mentioned this "Bloody Butcher" corn, but only as it was germinating. Now, it's three feet tall in my window sill and doing alright! This is one of the reasons my horticulturalist friend says I'm a plant torturer. I will have to think upon that--my gardening is all about learning, but it's also about encouraging plants to succeed in suboptimal environments. It might not be perfect, but if you think about it, growing tender perennials such as Begonias could be considered plant torture, too, because they can't survive the winters here. I'm sure I can think of a way to justify my actions.

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2 Responses to Gettin' Busy

  1. Dude, You got a lot of stuff growing indoors right now. That's pretty awesome.

  2. MrBrownThumb, wait for it... The second half of this post is going up later today. I should have taken a picture of my Alternanthera dentata. It is getting so big that the branches are falling over and knocking things down.



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