It's An Addiction

Do you think I need more seeds? A lot of these were free, but a lot of them weren't. I don't have nearly enough room to plant all these... Hopefully my community garden plot comes through, and neighbour-lady who wants her backyard gardened, and maybe I can work with Capital City Diner to landscape there, too (I'm thinking lots of perennial herbs for cookin', pending testing of soil quality).

I have a problem. I admit to it fully. But I will not seek help! (Please ignore the formatting--I'm not going back and adding italics for genus/species names at this point. I just spent half an hour removing extraneous spaces and returns so the table will appear at the top of the post... Folks who use browsers that for some reason don't like the formatting may also not see all the columns, but that's alright, the most important information is in the first two: seed and seed company.) The ones that are struck out I no longer have (traded, used, or killed).

Current as of 29 March 2010.

SeedsSupplierTypeIn StockRestock?
Red Cherry TomatoFerry MorseVegetableYes

Better Boy TomatoFerry MorseVegetableNoNo
Roma Paste via Washington GardenerVegetableYes

Black Beauty ZucchiniValley GreeneVegetableNoNo
Five Color Silver BeetChas. C. Hart Seed Co.VegetableYes

Broccoli RaabSeeds of ChangeVegetableNoNoTraded at WG Seed Exchange
Carolina Black PeanutSouthern Exposure Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

Harris Model ParsnipSouthern Exposure Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

ArugulaSouthern Exposure Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

Trombeta SquashRenee's GardenVegetableYes

Creamsicle Mounding NasturtiumRenee's GardenFlowerYes

Copper Sunset Mounding NasturtiumRenee's GardenFlowerYes

Cherries Jubilee Mounding NasturtiumRenee's GardenFlowerYes

Pot of Gold ChardRenee's GardenVegetableYes

Catalina SpinachRenee's GardenVegetableYes

EdamameRenee's GardenVegetableNo

Neon Glow ChardRenee's GardenVegetableFewNah
Italian Silver Rib ChardRenee's GardenVegetableYes

Greek Mini Yevani BasilBotanical InterestsHerbYes

Red Rubin BasilBotanical InterestsHerbNoMaybe?
Farmer's Market Mesclun BlendBotanical InterestsVegetableNoNo
Italian Dark Green Flat ParsleyBotanical InterestsHerbYes

Correnta SpinachBotanical InterestsVegetableNoNo
Palla Rossa Ashalim RadicchioBotanical InterestsVegetableNoNo
Ace Bush TomatoBotanical InterestsVegetableNoMaybe
Florence, Finocchio FennelBotanical InterestsHerbYes

Carnival Blend CarrotBotanical InterestsVegetableYes

Garden Broadleaf SageBotanical InterestsHerbYes

CilantroBotanical InterestsHerbYes

Mikado California PoppyBotanical InterestsFlowerYes

ChivesBotanical InterestsHerbYes

OreganoBotanical InterestsHerbYes

English ThymeBotanical InterestsHerbYes

French Breakfast RadishBotanical InterestsVegetableYes

Purple Top White Globe TurnipBotanical InterestsVegetableFewMaybe
Aurora PepperSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoMaybe
Russian TarragonSeed Savers ExchangeHerbYes

Listada de Gandia EggplantSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoNo
Mrs. Burn's Lemon BasilSeed Savers ExchangeHerbYes

Summer Crookneck SquashSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableYes

Ailsa Craig OnionSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableYes

Black CuminSeed Savers ExchangeHerbYes

King of the North PepperSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoSure
Envy SoybeanSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoNo
Red Russian KaleSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoNo
Monnopa SpinachSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableNoNo
Cheyenne Bush PumpkinSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableYes

Hidcote LavenderSeed Savers ExchangeHerbYes

Butterflyweed (A. tuberosa)Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Nigra HollyhockSeed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Aunt Molly's Ground CherrySeed Savers ExchangeVegetableYes

Bloody Butcher CornSeed Savers ExchangeVegetableYes

Black-Eyed SusanSeed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Diablo CosmosSeed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Star of the VeldSeed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Curiosity (Nigella papillosa)Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Cape SundewCarnivorous Plant NurseryOrnamentalNo

Pink SundewCarnivorous Plant NurseryOrnamentalNo

Thread Leaf SundewCarnivorous Plant NurseryOrnamentalNo

Bird's Nest SundewCarnivorous Plant NurseryOrnamentalNo

Evening Sun SunflowerCollected from Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Titan SunflowerCollected from Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

?? SunflowerCollected from Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

ChivesOld Sturbridge Village Seed StoreHerbYes

SageOld Sturbridge Village Seed StoreHerbYes

Elm (?)CollectedTreeYes

Trumpet VineCollectedFlowerYes

CleomeCollected from Wash. Youth GardenFlowerYes

FennelCollected from Wash. Youth GardenHerbYes

Bull Run Hot PepperCollectedVegetableNoAs PossibleSeedlings currently growing
Green SedgeCollectedOrnamentalYes


Crabapple (?)CollectedTreeYes

Evening Sun Sunflower (?)Collected from Seed Savers ExchangeFlowerYes

Jalapeno (?)Collected from Whole FoodsVegetableYes

DaturaCollected from Mr. YogatoFlowerYes

Acorn/Butternut Squash MixCollected from Dupont Farmers' MarketVegetableYes

Parlor PalmWhatcom Seed Co.OrnamentalYes

Purple ShisoWhatcom Seed Co.HerbYes

Pink Baby's BreathWhatcom Seed Co.FlowerYes

Laceleaf Japanese MapleWhatcom Seed Co.TreeYes

Bleeding HeartWhatcom Seed Co.FlowerNo

Black Bat FlowerWhatcom Seed Co.FlowerNoNo
Kona CoffeeWhatcom Seed Co.OrnamentalNo

Fragissimo StrawberryWhatcom Seed Co.FruitNo

OliveWhatcom Seed Co.TreeYes

Bhut Jolokia PepperWhatcom Seed Co.VegetableYes

GladiolusCollected from Mr. YogatoFlowerYes

Canna LilyVan Bloem GardensFlower1Maybe
Variegated SedgeCollectedOrnamentalYes

PalmCollected from Rideau CentreOrnamentalYes

VioletCollected from Mr. YogatoFlowerNoAs Possible
Shasta DaisyFrom Ottawa placeFlowerYes

Thai Dragon PepperWG Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

DillWG Seed ExchangeHerbYes

Small Sugar Pie PumpkinWG Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

YuccaWG Seed ExchangeOrnamentalNo

Tennessee Granny Greasy BeansWG Seed ExchangeVegetableYes

Red Ripper Cow PeaWG Seed Exchange (Michael Twitty)VegetableYes

Digitalis Excelsior Foxglove MixtureWG Seed ExchangeFlowerYes

Cowhorn OkraWG Seed Exchange (Michael Twitty)VegetableYes

Sea Island CottonWG Seed Exchange (Michael Twitty)OrnamentalYes

CushawWG Seed Exchange (Michael Twitty)VegetableYes

Maryland Gourd Seed CornWG Seed Exchange (Michael Twitty)VegetableYes

Rose of SharonWG Seed ExchangeFlowerYes

Hyacinth BeanWG Seed ExchangeFlowerFew

CarawayWG Seed ExchangeHerbYes

Canada Red RhubarbWG Seed ExchangeVegetableNo

CleomeWG Seed ExchangeFlowerYes

Starry Night Sweet PeaWG Seed ExchangeFlowerNo

American Meadows Wildflower MixWG Seed ExchangeFlowerYes

Italian Flat-Leaf ParsleyWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)HerbYes

Star of Yelta Morning GloryWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)FlowerYes

Italian Market Wonder TomatoWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)VegetableNo

Isis Candy TomatoWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)VegetableNo

Zavory Habanero PepperWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)VegetableYes

Prairie Sunset HeliopsisWG Seed Exchange (WinterSown)FlowerYes

American Meadows Wildflower PacketWG Seed ExchangeFlowerYes

Moss Curled ParsleyWG Seed Exchange (LakeValley)HerbYes

Marketmore 76 CucumberWG Seed Exchange (LakeValley)VegetableYes

Caroubey De Mausanne PeaWG Seed Exchange (D.Landreth)VegetableYes

CosmosNational Home Gardening Club (free)FlowerYes

Lima Bean Christmas PoleBaker CreekVegetableYes

Sunrise Serenade Morning GloryBaker CreekFlowerYes

Asian Winged BeanBaker CreekVegetableYes

Black Peony PoppyBaker CreekFlowerYes

Dragon Tongue BeanBaker CreekVegetableYes

Strawberry SpinachBaker CreekVegetableYes

Crimson Forest Bunching OnionBaker CreekVegetableYes

Quinoa KaslalaBaker CreekVegetableYes

White African SorghumBaker CreekVegetableYes

Bloomsdale Long Standing SpinachBaker CreekVegetableYes

LemongrassBaker CreekHerbYes

Henderson's Pink Ponderosa TomatoBaker Creek (free)VegetableYes

Sungold Select II TomatoBaker CreekVegetableYes

Siam Queen Thai BasilBaker CreekHerbYes

Creeping ThymeRenee's GardenHerbYes

True Thai Queenette BasilRenee's GardenHerbYes

Amsterdam Seasoning CeleryRenee's GardenHerbYes

Heirloom Pepperbox PoppyRenee's GardenFlowerYes

Gala Mache/Corn SaladRenee's GardenVegetableYes

Rose Bon Bon Double CosmosRenee's Garden (free)FlowerYes

Rose Bon Bon Double CosmosRenee's Garden (free)FlowerYes

Safari Yellow MarigoldFrom AbigailFlowerYes

Poblano PepperFrom AbigailVegetableYes

PortulacaFrom AbigailFlowerYes

Red Salvia coccineaWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2FlowerYes

Shiso Perilla frutescensWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2HerbYes

"Early Wonder" BeetWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2 (from Kathy Jentz herself!)VegetableYes

"Blue Bird" Forget-Me-NotWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2FlowerYes

Dr. Carolyn TomatoWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2VegetableYes

Summer SavoryWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2HerbYes

"Little Tree of Sarzana" ZucchiniWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2VegetableYes

Bok ChoiWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2VegetableYes

CattailWashington Gardener Seed Exchange 2OrnamentalYes

Arisaema triphyllumPrairie Moon NurseryFlowerYes

Koeleria cristataPrairie Moon NurseryOrnamentalYes

Schizachyrium scopariumPrairie Moon NurseryOrnamentalYes

Passiflora incarnataPrairie Moon NurseryFlowerYes

For Review Purposes Only
Spitfire Climbing NasturtiumRenee's Garden (seed GROW project)FlowerYes

English WatercressRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Italian Cameo BasilRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))HerbYes

Windowbox Mini BasilRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))HerbYes

French Perfume LavenderRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))HerbYes

Super Bush TomatoRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Delicious Duo ScallionsRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Ruby & Emerald Duet LettuceRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Sweetie Baby Romaine LettuceRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Little Prince EggplantRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Bush Slicer CucumberRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Babette French Baby CarrotsRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))VegetableYes

Pixie Sunshine ZinniaRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Stained Glass SalpiglossisRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Junior SunflowerRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Heirloom Cupid Windowbox Sweet PeaRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Chinese Foxgloves RehmanniaRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Pastel Sundial PortulacaRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))FlowerYes

Spiky Blue GrassRenee's Garden (Indoor Garden(er))OrnamentalYes

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6 Responses to It's An Addiction

  1. HOLE. EEE. COW! I got dizzy from paging down! You definitely need an intervention, so we'll see ya next week Sunday, 10pm Eastern time on A&E! I am laughing so hard right now, but not at you...with you... I suffer this addiction as well, it just hits home so well when you post it all together!! Have fun!

  2. Love your ambition! And your ideas for stretching your apartment garden out into the neighborhood. Your love for growing is a good thing and can be contagious. I'm sure you get lots of people interested in growing their own. The Indoor Garden(er) is an inspiration. We need more people like you in the big cities!

  3. At last I have found a person that has more seeds than me...Makes me feel a whole lot better now :))))))))

  4. Heh. Hehe... If only I had updated this in the past year, with all the new vegetable and herb varieties...!



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