Maranta And Scilla, Double Time!

In an effort to get to the full-fledged indoor update, I'm combining updates of two of my all-star plants into one post! After this, I might be able to section off the rest of the update into two or three posts.

Yes, Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura is flowering again. Not only does it have the inflorescence this flower is on, a second one made an appearance the other day and is about to burst forth into bloom!

Maranta is also sending out offshoots again. There are five or six above-ground ones that I've seen. I nipped off one of the previous ones and brought it in to the office.

My South African squill (Scilla violaceae as I've always called it--my horticultural friend says that the name had been changed to Ledebouria socialis for a while. Dave's Garden supports that, and it made me realize I've been spelling "violacea" with an extra E. Sigh.). No matter what these plants are called, they're flowering like crazy-time at the zoo. The photos here are from the eager inflorescence I mentioned before, but this bulb shot out a second inflorescence, and three other bulbs did, too, for a total of five flower spikes!

I couldn't decide what the most beautiful shot was. I took a lot. These little flowers are difficult to focus on!

I am happy to be able to get these bulbs to flower. Maybe they'll get all fertilized and I'll have seeds to play with?

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One Response to Maranta And Scilla, Double Time!

  1. Wow, these flowers are beautiful! I know nothing about latin names... are these various kinds of orchids? Those teensy-tiny flowers are so cute! I know, it's frustrating trying to capture a plant's beauty with a digital camera, isn't it!



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