'Red Lion' Amaryllis

It's still winter, but my plants keep doing too many interesting things for me to feel comfortable smushing it all in to a single post. And while sifting through the newest batch of pictures, I realized that, despite having posted a picture of "Red Lion" amaryllis flower buds, I never posted a photo of the full flower. And that would be a shame not to spotlight!

One flower stalk bloomed later than the other, but that only prolonged the beauty. The first stalk had three flowers, the second had four. I was told that they often have more than that. I plan on keeping this alive to find out!

A close-up of the flower.

The second flower stalk started leaning so drastically that it kept hitting me in the face when I forgot to duck. So I chopped it off. The leaves are coming along nicely. The second bulb (it was a pink/white flowering amaryllis that I gave little mention on here) is kind of dying. It had flowers, then it went away. I'm cool with that.

Heh... Okay, so I understand that it will takes years and years to get a flower from sexually propagating amaryllis and that I have no idea what type of flower might actually come... But I can't not try. These fruit are just so ripe with seed!

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2 Responses to 'Red Lion' Amaryllis

  1. That's awesome! Love the pictures.

    I planted amaryllis seeds myself a few years back and am hoping that the plants'll finally bloom this year. I don't think I can wait another year to find out.. Oy. hehe.

  2. hello... visiting from aerelonian's blog... I've got seedling amaryllis from about 4 years agon in the yard (we grow them outside here) I may be getting blooms this year. Too early to tell... They're easy to sprout!



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