Tulip Mania

My "Roussillion" tulips from EcoTulips made quite a show when they bloomed a few weeks ago, even more so than the potted tulips that Jeroen provided me. I am expecting another round soon--I layered the bulbs in a large pot, so that the top ones would bloom, followed by the slightly deeper ones after that, and so on, in succession. The thought is better than the actuality, but I have hopes. These are mixed in with the "Purple Prince" tulips that I ordered--I don't remember how I layered these, but I haven't seen any "Purple Prince"s yet. At least, I don't think so. The colouring of the two are different enough that I should notice, but maybe I didn't? They both have beautiful colours, anyhow.

A few weeks after planting, the top layer of bulbs offered promise of a beautiful spring--in my own living room! Just inches away from corn growing and offering the promise of a fruitful summer. Growing indoors is truly confusing!

Days later, the flowers bloomed, cheering my mornings and evenings with their presence. My "Grassy Lassie" Aloe kept trying to butt its way in on the action, but its flowers had their time in the spotlight already. It's tulip's time to shine!

I didn't want to let the beauty of these blooms go to waste, sitting home all alone without anyone to admire them, so I clipped them off and took the bouquet in to work so I could see and smell them all day (yes, they had a distinctive aroma--pleasant, not faint, but not overpowering).

I didn't notice until I brought these in to work that some of the petals had lavender-coloured splotches. That made them more beautiful to me! It's not exactly the crazy variegation noted by MrBrownThumb when he went to the Chicago Flower Show, but it's still pretty.

Also? I was just on EcoTulips's website, and dude's totally having a crazy 50%-off sale right now (bulbs won't be shipped until the fall, however, but it's like a present that you'll forgot you got yourself!). If you're a fan of sourcing things organic, check it out. EcoTulips bills itself as "the only American source of organic tulip bulbs from Holland." I am debating getting some--but I'm surely going to try to somehow get to the pick-your-own days in April. I just need a vehicle or a friend with a vehicle who's willing to drive 2 hours each way for tulips. Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Tulip Mania

  1. gorgeous color! We have a bulb grower in our area and the Master Gardener's got an email that we could drive out and get FREE bulbs last November, by the crate - do you know that I didn't go? My memory of digging bulbs was not that pleasant, LOL, but your blooms kind of give me a kick in the rear to go do it next year!

  2. I kick myself for all the missed opportunities for free plants. For example, someone dug up their "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" tree yesterday, posted on Craigslist in the Free section, and I didn't see it until late last night. It's gone. Just... Gone.

    What would I have done with Corylus avellana, as pictured recently? I don't know. I would have figured something out.

  3. I hate missing free plants too. I almost went and dug up an entire privet hedge. Then I realized how rediculous that was and didn't.



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