When Witches Get Wet

First off, happy spring everyone! To celebrate, I took a whole heck of a lot of pictures today, and I learned how to prune properly. Unfortunately, this post is not about the clear blue skies and beautiful flora that I saw today.

I took these photos last Saturday while on my way to the Washington Home & Garden Show, after the perennial division demonstration at Hillwood, an estate/garden just on the other side of Rock Creek Park from me, and before I went to the Gesneriad Society Show & Sale. The division demonstration was good (plus free plants!), but the home and garden show was more of the same.

I have said that I'm not a fan of witch hazel. I'm still not. But they clearly come in many shades, and I begrudgingly admit that there may be some aesthetic to them if used properly. Also, I think they look better wet. Some plants look bedraggled, but others are accented with a bit of water droplets. Witch hazel is a cheery plant on less-than-cheery days, which do occur often in spring, of course! This does make me think a bit more of it. Still, begrudgingly.

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2 Responses to When Witches Get Wet

  1. I get it now. I thought it was some fun pagan ritual but this works too. I didn't know about witch hazel until the end of last year. I like it because it's the only small tree blooming when everything else is grey. I think it looks better wet too. You could install a misting system and spray them every time you feel like taking a look!

  2. I actually love witch hazel, but don't have any planted yet!



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