Amaryllis Babies

If Ornithogalum caudatum's propagatory sexcapades weren't enough, I have some more reproductive joy going on here with my amaryllis! The seeds I collected back in March from my "Red Lion" amaryllis started germinating on 17 April! That was about three and a half weeks since sowing, I'd say. Now, I have two small pots full of little seedlings. Clearly, I will have to thin them. I wasn't sure how readily they would germinate, but they appear to have a pretty high viability! I am excited to see what the flowers will look like. If DragonStone's experience is anything to go by, I'll have a few years yet before I'll be able to tell. He's at three years and counting. That's almost worse than waiting for an orchid to rebloom... As I suggested to an impatient garden centre employee, if you own a few hundred plants at home, caring for a little leafy, boring Phalaenopsis until it reblooms is easy, because you have so many other things to distract you and keep you happy. She said something about having too many fabulous gay boyfriends to spend time taking care of that many plants, so she tosses the orchids when they're done. I really couldn't think of any clever retort.

Besides the seeds germinating, my other amaryllis, the pink-and-white-flowered one, decided to send off an offshoot! It's crazy-town here in my apartment! This offshoot should have the same type of flower as the main bulb, but I will likely wait a year or two before separating it from its mommy. I wasn't too huge a fan of the flower, as noted by the decided lack of photographs of it. But, hey, any plant that doesn't die and multiplies itself for me scores big points in my book!

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3 Responses to Amaryllis Babies

  1. That is a quick germination! I, too, am finding that things like slow bromeliads don't bother me as much anymore as I start collecting other things (besides kids, lol) to take care of indoors. I bet her "too many fabulous gay boyfriends" would love to get rid of her for awhile, maybe then she could find one boyfriend for herself and some time for a plant or two, LOL!! It always floors me the types of people working in garden centers, always afraid you might ask something relevant to the trade... it seems those places will never realize that if they raised their pay a bit they would attract more knowledgeable employees and then as a result build a much larger and more loyal clientele - but I guess it's the American way!

  2. I am very impressed...I have often shied away from experimenting with growing plants like amaryllis from seed because of the long times it takes from sowing until the plant is big enough to produce flowers but you are right - as long as I have enough other plants that really should not bother me.

  3. I started a bunch of Hippeastrum seedlings but left them at the greenhouses. I had to be picky. I used the float on water method and once the sprouted planted them in pots. It took about two weeks I believe. I don't know if I'm happy for your friend of feel a little sad for her...


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