Rejoice: A Reward!

To celebrate being runner-up to the awesome Mr. Subjunctive of Plants Are The Strangest People in the Best Indoor Gardening Blog category of the Mouse & Trowel Awards, here are a lot of pretty pictures!

But before the floriffic pornography, congratulations to the other category winners and runner-ups! Especially to the other finalists in the Best Indoor Gardening Blog category, a few of which I nominated for the category: Aerelonian of Plant Zone, Lisa of Get in the Garden, and Nature Assassin.

This water lily was blooming at the National Arboretum two weeks ago. It's beauty makes me want to get a big tub, fill it with water and koi, and grow some plants in my living room. But that's just ridiculous.

Purple smoke bush! At the National Arboretum! Exclamation point!

Cattails at the National Arboretum. In the background are the National Capitol Columns, from the East Portico of the Capitol on which many U.S. presidents were inaugurated throughout history. A few years ago, they were moved to the Arboretum for some reason, after being stored in the bottom of the Anacostia River for years.

The U.S. is a funny place.

A cattail close-up.

This is an Amorphophallus (I'm pretty sure that's what my friend said he had there) in bloom, surrounded by late-blooming Camellias. I couldn't smell the Amorphophallus, but I'm sure I'll be able to smell the ones growing in my apartment if they flower!

Well, eh, some tulips. Not really, like, that nice now that I look at them.

Now this is a real awesome tulip! It was growing outside of National Geographic. They have some good taste in plants, man!

Some cherry blossoms from the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I was there on 4 April.

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4 Responses to Rejoice: A Reward!

  1. Thanks for the mention and congrats again! Now I feel like I should do a post. Unfortunately I'm tired and burnt out from job searching. Argh. At least I have this to comfort me:

    No I don't own one, but I saw one at the Vancouver Aquarium. PS I really want some Jubaea chilensis seeds. Every company I find has a minimum order or only ships to the States. Any good sites for palms and other 'exotic' seeds?

    I'm watching Grey's Anatomy. I've never watched it before and it's the season finally. I'm glad it's ending forever because it seems like an awful show. Hopefully you're not a fan.

    I'm tired and stressed. That = rambling. w00t.

  2. Thank you, mister! And job hunting is, of course, important, and tiring, and happening this afternoon.

    That salamander thing is... Well, the young ones seem cute. I'd flush the adults. Just sayin'.

    I have used Whatcom Seed Co. before, and they have Jubaea chilensis. I get this odd vibe from them, however. And it's pricey for so few seeds! I haven't had too much luck with my purchases, mostly because I bought things difficult to start from seed (meaning they're not cucumbers and extremely easy to germinate--some take months, some need scarification, etc.).

    I used to work in a lab for a dude whose daughter-in-law was a writer for Grey's Anatomy. But I never watched the show. I think my mom said she likes it, but that could have been House. It's all the same to me--I haven't watched TV since 2001!

  3. yeah, House is okay, Grey's Anatomy sucks, lol! Congrats on being runner-up, I voted for you! Great bloom pics

  4. Ordered a mix of seeds some years ago from Whatcom. Amongst them were: Jubaea chilensis, Butia capitata, Bismarck nobilis, Syagrus romanzoffiana, and Nannorrhops ritchiana. Had limited success germinating. Now for the duh! After a few years I have four left, and all growing in slow-mo. Trouble is, with ink fade on the tags, an interest shift to Trachy, Washingtonia & Chamaerops species (which grow faster), and a few re-pottings, I have no idea which is which. Descriptions gleaned from the web don't help, as they all seem to pertain to mature palms. Does anyone know of a site that may show juvenile palms. One is certainly a J. chelensis, that much this addled brain remembers. Thanks in advance for any information offered. I'm in the lower mainland, B.C. email:



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