Well, I Tried: Plant Sale v0.1

I tried to organize a seedling sale for the Pride Green committee, of which I am the cochair. We are trying to make Capital Pride a bit more sustainable, with our primary focus on recycling at the Pride Festival. We recycled a buttload last year, and we're gearing up to do much more this year. We do have other initiatives, such as the Pride Green Certified Vendor program and the Green Village, but costs for supplies to run those programs are minimal compared with the costs necessary for recycling (bags, gloves for volunteers, etc.). In fact, most of our budget will (hopefully) be going toward offsetting the cost of more environmentally friendly T-shirts for all of Capital Pride's 300 or so volunteers.

Of course, it would be easier to be more green if we had some green. We had a successful fundraiser last week for Earth Day, but I have also been planning the seedling sale for months. I started seeds when I should have. I swear. But certain events left the little darlings to fend for themselves without water for a week. Most of them ended up drying out and dying or struggling and looking horrid. Most of the dead/struggling ones don't germinate fast enough to be sellable in a short amount of time. And I dropped the ball on getting a location for the sale. I became complacent when I got a positive response from a local green business--and despite e-mails, phone calls, and drop-ins, the owner still hasn't gotten back to me in the past three weeks about a final date for the sale. Sooooooo... I say, good try, but life got in the way. I'm going to sell these on the DL on Craigslist and VeggieTrader. Maybe I can make enough to cover the cost of the "Recycle with Pride" buttons for our 70 Recycling Ambassadors (volunteers) at the Festival.

This is part blog post, part sales ad. It's easier to post here and link to it elsewhere, so there are pictures of the product. I have tried to keep The Indoor Garden(er) strictly personal, not profit-driven in any fashion. I don't like having advertisements or doing blatant marketing for companies etc. (wait for tomorrow's nasturtium post for Renee's Garden, by the way. Heh.). But because this is also a record of my attempt at something more than personal gardening fun, I think it's fine...? If any of y'all (my regular followers) would like any of these, e-mail me! I'll be happy to send you some!

I'd love $2 per plant (it's for a good cause, after all), but negotiate with me, folks! The soil and supplies are all organic (Organic Mechanics soil, mostly organic seed, no added chemicals or fertilizers, etc.).

I can be reached at ken at indoorgarden-er dot com. Stock numbers up to date as of 10 May.

The lookin' good:

Ledebouria socialis, South African squill. An Indoor Garden(er) favourite! 12 individual bulbs available.

Carolina Black peanuts! 11 available, because I want to keep one.

Thai basil. Awesome in stir fry! 8 available.

Lemon basil. Beautiful, and delicious, plants when they're full grown. 6 available.

Bloody Butcher corn. Young cobs are edible as baby corn, but mature cobs should be used for flour/cornmeal. Kernels are a deep red colour. 12 available (or until I plant them in my own garden--act fast!!).

Many sunflowers are available! Mother is the famous Titan, but the father could have been anyone! This means the full height and flower colours are basically unknown. Numerous available.

Star of Yelta morning glory. I have some growing up my window at the moment! They're vigorous, and the flowers are beautiful. 5 available.

Alternanthera dentata "Purple Knight." A beautiful accent in a garden, it produces deep red or purple leaves with a kind of spindly bushy habit. It's not hardy in the area, but I have a giant plant that I overwintered from a small cutting, so it's easy to keep throughout the years and replant in the late spring. 12 available.

Delicious, beautiful, fragrant lavender! Several are in bloom at the moment. 8 available, because I planted one in my community garden.

Groundcherry. A relative to tomato, the groundcherry is sweet and tart. Excellent in yogurt or made into jam, or even popped fresh off the large plant right into your mouth! 6 May update: sold out! I don't even have any left for myself. Sigh.

The ever famous habanero pepper! 9 available.

Zucchini. 2 available.

A (very hot!!) ornamental pepper. I received a plant from my community supported agriculture guy last year, and I saved one pepper to plant the seeds this year. Almost all germinated (but only 6 are available). They're flowering now, and the flowers will turn into cone-shaped upward-pointing red peppers. Excellent in a border and delicious in a pasta sauce! Grows much better outdoors than indoors.

Many varieties of tomatoes are available, 6 or 12 per variety. Isis Candy, Italian Market Wonder, Red Cherry, Sungold, and Henderson's Pink Ponderosa.

Sunrise Serenade morning glory. 5 available.

Star of the Veld. 3 available.

The lookin' not so good:

Curly parsley. 8 available.

Black hollyhock. 10 available.

Cucumber. 7 available.

Trombetta squash, which I grew very successfully last year. 2 available.

Black-Eyed Susan. 1 available (pictured).

Lemongrass. 3 available.

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8 Responses to Well, I Tried: Plant Sale v0.1

  1. Our MG plant sale isn't until next Saturday, and it's already been in the upper 80's and low 90's! I was actually caring for them pretty well, but they can't be expected to thrive in their little black pots all the way until May 8th! I hope they make it one more week!

  2. I love the idea! Are you going to try again next week?

  3. You are an inspiration, Ken! Thanks for supporting BurGREENdy and Capital Pride with your wonderful plants! ;-)

  4. Erin, we've had those temperatures, too, but interspersed with 50 or lower! Now, it's crazy-hot and muggy. Gah.

    College Gardener, I'm probably going to repost... But any seedlings I don't sell, I might use in the DC Guerilla Gardeners seedling adoption program (we'll leave seedlings randomly around DC with signs saying "plant me!" or something).

    Rebecca, <3 you.

  5. Hey Ken -

    Great Blog. You can put Jonathan and I down for two lemon basil and two thai basil. Are you going to the Nellie's social? We can pick them up there.

    - Eric Cohen

  6. hi ken,
    i found your post on craigslist and am here to buy some plants. and for an awesome cause! (i just finished a fundraiser myself and am excited to support some else's.)
    how are you distributing them? i live around the corner from nellie's (as mentioned above) and would be happy to meet you there, but am pretty flexable.
    i am just starting this gardening thing and have a bunch of seed packets to get working on, so it'll be nice to have some live inspiration around the house!
    i look forward to reading your blog,

  7. Hi Amy,

    Feel free to e-mail me at ken (at) indoorgarden-er dot com. Let me know what you'd like and how many.

    Pick-up/drop-off details however they work best for both of us! If Thursday at 9 pm is good for you, I can drop 'em off at your place or meet at Nellie's. I'm flexible!

    Eric, thank you! I'm always a fan of your and Jonathan's support. See you on Thursday!

  8. I found your listing on Veggie Trader. What a wonderful assortment you produced from your apartment! Keep it coming!



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