Canada, Eh?

I'm headed to Canuckistan for a wedding this week. In my absence, here are some pictures of pretty flowers!

These "Diablo" Cosmos were grown from seed and transplanted to my community garden plot. They are blooming profusely, now, and do make fine cut flowers. They only last a day or so, however... So I leave them on the plant for prolonged beauty!

In the background? "Cheyenne Bush" pumpkin. Hell yeah!

The strawberry patch of my community garden is now a no-plants land full of Bermuda grass, mock strawberry, and other stupid invasive plants. It also has nice morning glories, flowering and bein' all pretty-like.

The Oxalis I got from the woman who gave me her seed collection is now flowering in my office! I left the dead EcoTulips after they bloomed for "architectural interest" is what I tell my coworkers. I actually do think that the dried tan stalks add interest to my office jungle, but really, I just haven't gotten around to removing the pots and storing the bulbs.

These Episcia in my office are blooming! They were offshoots from the one I have at home, which is stockier and more brown than pink. These ones in my office are leggy, but healthy-looking. And now, flowering!

This beautiful Gladiolus didn't bloom in front of Mr. Yogato last year, but this year, it has two wonderfully coloured spikes of red flowers. There are a few others in bloom, too, but they're yellow and cream. That means "yawn."

Mr. Yogato also just celebrated its second birthday this past weekend. I hope my plants survived! I haven't had time to stop by and check on them much this year, because of volunteering and twice-broken collarbone. The drought conditions and intense heat make it pretty necessary for me to check on them pretty much every day, but it just hasn't happened. The grapes are doing excellently, at least, but there's a bare patch of ground where the bush pumpkin died from lack of being watered. Ah well--the spearmint will take over soon enough!

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2 Responses to Canada, Eh?

  1. Great photos! Have fun in Canada, I'm Minnesotan so I speak pretty good Canuck LOL!

  2. Love your Epsicia plant - look so gorgeous.


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