Nova Scotia, Scenes Of Beauty

As I mentioned, I was in Nova Scotia for about a week at the end of June/beginning of July. I didn't have much opportunity to gallivant around at gardens, take macro shots of pretty flowers, or buy any new plants (although I seriously considered it!), but there were occasional opportunities to capture snapshots of that which Nova Scotia is truly adept at: creating natural beauty.

These little shrooms (?) were growing on the deck at the groom's parents' house, in Enfield (near the airport). They're very striking! But they're probably not a good sign of structural integrity. Also, I almost fell through the deck.

This little planting is in front of the Beveridge Arts Centre/Library at my university. Really, the only reason I photographed it is because apparently the inuksuk was rebuilt (for a fourth time?) in a less easily damageable place! The first few times, the larger inuksuit built on campus were vandalized by students or run over by snow plows--this one seems quite happy where it is! I'm a big fan of inuksuit for some reason. Maybe it's because they are one of the few nature-related things that have continued cultural relevance nowadays? I mean, I guess they probably only do if you're from Nunavut. But even so. I like them.

This is a parking lot in Wolfville. For serious. I love this parking lot! In the background at the top, you might be able to just barely make out the top of the chimney where all the chimney swifts live.

Here's a blurry close-up of the poppies in the parking lot.

Nova Scotia is full of these views. This is Cape Blomidon in the distance, on the Bay of Fundy. This is the view from Old Orchard Inn, where the wedding reception was held. In other words, this is basically what I saw from my backyard every day when I lived in Nova Scotia.


This is a picture of the Cape from near the dikes. Or is that dykes? One is large mounds of earth, the other lesbians. Confusing the two is a running joke for students in town. Especially when you're walking past "Old Dike Road."

This is a portion of Willow Park, at the eastern edge of Wolfville on Main Street across from the kids' skate park and the closed PetroCan. It was built to commemorate Canada's centennial way back in the when.

I had a picture of this fountain and willow tree (from a different angle and with a good chunk of the membership of the Classics Society dressed up as different gods and goddesses arrayed around the tree and fountain) on my credit card for a long while. It does hold a special place in my heart!

The following are scenes from a car. I mean... Can you imagine? I would adore being able to look around at this while driving, rather than seeing eight lanes of traffic or just weedy deciduous trees or tons of buildings everywhere.

Gosh I miss Nova Scotia.

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