A Room With A View

My apartment doesn't look out onto much--other people's apartments, mostly, the parking lot, and an edge of Rock Creek Park. (I've seen the view that others across the hall have--it's beautiful!).

But sometimes, I catch glimpses of beauty through my window.

And no, I'm seriously not talking about that girl whose window looks directly through her living room into her bathroom, with the door wide open and the light on while she does... Whatever it is that she does.

Not really the vision I'd like to share here. I'd rather share the windowsill tomato plants of the girl who lives next to the naked bend-over-in-the-bathroom-with-the-blinds-wide-open girl.

I would like to think that these tomato plants were inspired by the greenery I have in my apartment. I also hope that this isn't the same person who wrote the note saying "I don't care what you're growing, but turn your lights off or close your blinds." I mean, why couldn't that person close his/her blinds instead? I moved the lights to the corner, sure, but even so. Passive agressive notes, anyone?

I'm inspired by this rooftop garden next to my building. The photo is fuzzy, and the rooftop is obscured by reflections of my own plants through the window, but to be honest, I can't see it much better in person. Even so, I can make out some sort of cucurbit, tomatoes, okra, and bunches of herbs in pots.

One of the questions is how does the gardener get on top of the roof to care for the plants? That little bubble-dome-hatch? Does s/he fly in using a jet pack?

These, and many more, questions have been left unanswered for far too long.

These people are, however, the exact people we hope to attract to the DC State Fair next month. This, here, is urban agriculture.

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3 Responses to A Room With A View

  1. Oh my, I bet it IS through the hatch! I would be watching to find out! Someone actually left a note?!! LOL...

  2. I'm thinking teleportation. Jet pack/flying is too much work. Maybe you should try taking a picture while she's watching. Either she'll be horrified and hopefully stop or I've just made things much worse.

  3. That looks like a pretty cool little rooftop farm. My votes goes toward teleportation, too. As the heat from a jet pack would dry out those containers in a heartbeat.


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