I'm almost speechless (that's a big fat lie, I can never keep my mouth/fingers shut/still). I ran across this Black Mondo grass at Garden District weeks ago, and every time I stumble upon the photograph, I keep re-shocking myself. A four-inch plant for $14.99? For, like, a bit of grass? For reals? I mean, even on eBay, small divisions go for $10 or more, with shipping and handling.

I found a lot of blog and message board posts via a Google search of "why is black mondo grass so expensive?" that all ask the same question. People seem to shrug and just accept it, buy a plant or two when perennials are discounted, and then divide them a few years down the road. Maybe that's why they're still so expensive despite being fairly popular plants? The intricacies of the horticulture trade yet escape me! But I would not turn down someone who would like to offload a little Black Mondo grass onto me!

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4 Responses to Srsly?

  1. I don't know for certain, but it's very slow-growing indoors. Like, so slow that my (4-inch) plant looks exactly the same after growing indoors for eighteen months. (It had actually gained some leaves, after a long time doing nothing, but then it lost some, so no net change.)

    We also tried propagating one from seeds at work one time, and it didn't go anywhere (granted, I had no idea what to do with the seeds). So maybe it's just difficult to produce?

  2. I had some a few years back and it grew very sloooooowwwly, instead of spreading like the green does. I think I only paid about 6.99 - still too expensive for me so when it didn't do well, instead of getting more, I just moved on LOL!

  3. Doesn't sound like a fun plant to have lol

  4. I've wondered the same thing. The green's not cheap either, and if you grow it outside, you need a lot of it. I've seen an entire lawn underplanted with crocuses at a botanical pretty! But too expensive to duplicate at my house.


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