New Succulents

I attended the National Capital Cactus & Succulent Society Show & Sale at Brookside Gardens today. I picked up some plants for myself, and despite browsing for almost an hour, only found one plant for sale on the list of plants that Mr. Subjunctive desired for a trade we're doing. For him, I picked up a white-variegated Agave americana (not pictured).

For myself, I bought a yellow-variegated Agave americana, Agave victoriae-reginae, an unlabeled Agave (although it looked similar to another one, but I did not get a picture of the label), Aloe "Firebird," Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri, and Aloe aristata.

New plants always make me happy. Plant therapy, my horticulturalist friend calls it. It does work wonders!

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3 Responses to New Succulents

  1. Your NOID Agave sort of resembles my A. lophantha, though the leaves on yours are narrower than on mine.

  2. Your Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri, or "Donkey Ears", is so great! I just recieved cuttings from a blogger friend, and I just love the look of it! Great finds!!!

  3. Mr. Subjunctive, that name looks familiar (I remember there being some sort of soft consonant combination in the species name of the one that was labeled that looked like the unlabeled one that I bought). Mine kind of looks like this. I'll go with that for now--it's better than any guess I'd have!


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