Shooting Blanks, Mostly

Although I tried to get Ornithogalum caudatum to fertilize itself last time it flowered, it never took.

This time barely took, either, but I used my beard trimmer instead of a Q-tip or paintbrush. The vibratory method worked with my lemon basil and my Renee's Garden "Super Bush" tomato this year, too. That beard trimmer really gets around. I'm starting to get jealous of it. It leaves its little stubbly hairs all over my plants, evidence of its lack of shame at makin' babies with each and every one of them.

So, although O. caudatum makes babies (hence the name "Pregnant onion") asexually, there's just something about starting a plant from seed that really gets me. Not enough to forgive my beard trimmer for its sexcapades, but almost enough.

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3 Responses to Shooting Blanks, Mostly

  1. A beard trimmer??? You've got some interesting method here! LOL.

  2. It's like the plant version of a turkey baster! Next time you should pixelize the seed capsule. It's a little racy.

  3. Hey, don't judge, it floats my boat!

    And, uh, yeah... There's still pollen all scattered over the seed pod. But I think that's from the tomato plant. Interspecies relations...!????!


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