Bustin' Loose

Although these trees seem to have lost their leaves possibly because of nutrient, heat, or water issues, a week of cool wet weather early this month might have made them think it was okay to grow again. The flowers are beautiful, a nice splash on an otherwise dreary morning, but I'm worried about the confused trees!

Not all of the trees along this road in East Potomac Park, where I ran the Undy 5000 on 3 October, are blooming; it seemed that the most-defoliated trees were the ones deciding that it's spring and time to go crazy and display their sexual organs for all to see. I maintain, however, that it is not spring and that sexual organs should be covered unless in company appropriate for display.

A lot of the trees along this road were barren--not even a hint of green. But a few of them had these little growths.

It was hard to get a good focus with my phone's camera, so this is as good as it gets. But the flowers were beautiful and many. I can't imagine what this would look like in full bloom!

And me! I ran the first mile, but the last bits I walked. Blogged, texted, and tweeted, actually--it was the day the last Seed GROW Project post was due, and I was catching up on my reading with my fancy new phone. That's being offered up as an excuse why it took me 43 minutes to complete the 5K, even though I ran for 1/3 of it. I actually jogged once I saw the finish line, where a friend from Weight Watcher's was there to snap my picture. I need to train some more--biking, parkour, and such are not the same as a constant paced run!

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