Fall Blooming

While traveling to Takoma Park, Maryland, a few Sundays ago to learn how to make beer and ginger ale from a dude I met while volunteering for National Public Lands Day, I ran across these fall-blooming Crocuses. These are prettier than the ones I grew inside last fall.

The understory spread.

A close-up view.

The ones I planted at Mr. Yogato are popping up, too--and the morning glories are finally starting to think about flowering, too!

This photo was taken with my phone the other week, after the Crocuses bloomed at Mr. Yogato. It was very bright outside, and I don't have photo-editing software anymore, since my old computer went kaput and I haven't installed it on the new one.

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3 Responses to Fall Blooming

  1. Very pretty! I saw some saffron crocuses flowering in a front yard in a Boston suburb yesterday and actually squealed with joy...My friends who were with me were rather embarrassed...

  2. Nice crocuses... did you like brewing? It's so fun!!

  3. Sweet little things...nice to see in the fall, for sure!!!



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