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My office jungle grow-op has gone through a few changes since I last featured it (in November?!). One of the pots of my Episcia "Coco," my Begonia "Tiger Kitten," and Begonia "Puffy Cloud" (among other plants) went to Mr. Subjunctive in a trade we did about a month ago, so I brought in a small thing of Sempervivum, a ponytail palm, and a pot of Crassula ovata mixed with some Ledebouria socialis to replace what I had traded. At some point, that trade and another recent one I had will be a post (or two).

In the pot of Episcia that I hadn't traded, a few weeks ago, a Chamaedorea elegans "Neantha Bella" palm seed decided to sprout! One had sprouted in that pot back in November, a few months after I sowed a couple seeds in this pot. They died, of course, when I went away for the holidays in December and they dried all up, but this seed apparently stuck around for another year and chose to grow!

This plant will be named after its predecessor: Fernando.

You can also see the Sempervivum here. I bought a 4-inch pot a few months ago and separated all the little chicks into various locations, but a lot of them said "Oh, my, I'm gonna die!", so I'm glad these are still chugging along. They should get darker green and have red tips, but right now, I'm satisfied that they're alive. You can also kinda see the ponytail palm here--I had a 3-inch pot with two of them in it, but I separated them and potted them up. I left one at home.

Here's my remaining office Episcia! It's much pinker than the one I have at home. Also, the internode length is much longer, and it has fewer leaves. Mr. Subjunctive got the better specimen (partly because it wasn't in a clay pot).

Right--now, this is kind of a mess of a photo. In the green pot (center), there is some Ledebouria socialis going crazy-like and some Crassula ovata, which is also going crazy-like. There's a dead rhizomatous Begonia in there, too. To the left is another incomplete view of the ponytail palm; to the right is an Oxalis that has been flowering nonstop for the past few months. In the top right corner, there's the Sanseveria that has just been kind of sitting there for months. Almost sorta visible to the right of the Oxalis and beneath the Sanseveria is a pot with (you guessed it!) more Ledebouria socialis but also a cane of Begonia "Puffy Cloud." I only had the one plant, so I nipped off a little branch before I sent it off to the expert care of Mr. Subjunctive.

And I did the same with a small outgrowth of the Begonia "Tiger Kitten," which Mr. Subjunctive says didn't do too hot for him almost immediately. This baby might grow, and in a year or so, might be large enough to send to him (or I can just package up a section of rhizome to mail--that might be safer than trying to send a potted plant).

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