Orchids On Display

I stopped by that National Capital Orchid Society show and sale last weekend, before I went (an hour late) to the gesneriad society meeting. I bought two orchids, a red and yellow flowering Phalaenopsis and a variegated-leaf Paphiopedilum that will flower similar to the one below, which was on display in the show. This plant right here on the left? Me hella want! But I had intentionally gone with only $30, to limit my spending. That variegated-Liriope-looking one (Neofinetia falcata "Higashidemiyako") was $40 by itself. And only a few inches tall. I like more plant for my paper, thank you!

I didn't take many photos from the actual show--I thought I had, but when I got home to go through them, they were all of variegated leaves or Paphiopedilum flowers of various colours and in various states of focus. I was pretty one-minded that day, I guess!

You'll get pictures of the orchids I did buy in the post about the plants I got from the gesneriad society meeting. I don't know why I am splitting it up this way, but I am. (Maybe this is the "Plants I Didn't Get This One Particular Day" post and the other is "Oh My Gods Plants!!!!!")

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5 Responses to Orchids On Display

  1. That's actually a surprisingly good deal on a Neofinetia. Last Orchid show I was at I didn't see any for sale under $50 or there abouts. Certainly no variegated plants for less than $65.

    They are moderately tricky to bloom (easy with the right conditions though but those conditions are hard to get in a house - very cool winter temperatures in very bright light) so getting one you can grow for the leaves is a good call.

    Or, if you can find it a hybrid like Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird' will give you a similar, easier and cheaper Orchid that still has a nice fragrance and cool looking flowers that may flower twice a year.

  2. The saleslady behind the table on which this Neofinetia sat showed me a product catalog that had individual plants for $1,000, and they looked really pretty much the same as this one. There were other Neofinetia for maybe $30, but I really wanted that Paphiopedilum!

    Do you think the currency conversion factor might play a role in the pricing at tje shows you've been to?

  3. I doubt it would make that big of a difference, I don't know enough about the plants to really know the difference between a $30 & $1000 plant so I couldn't really begin to guess at the reason for the higher prices. That is a really nice Paph you got as well. I'll probably give myself a strict price limit next Orchid show I go to…

  4. Gorgeous paph bloom - if yours will be similar what a steel!



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