Sweet Success

This is my 300th post. Yeah, that went hella fast! My first-ever post was on 9 February 2022--that's an average of one post every other day or so. Well, averages are a whole lotta bull, because two-thirds of my posts were all in 2009, so I was clearly more active then, but still, that's a lot of writing, a lot of time, a lot of my life committed to the Internet and plants. I imagine all the posts that were going to happen but never did due to time constraints or just plain old timeliness issues. It's a bit whelming.

But as I sit here baking homemade jalapeno poppers and reeling from the implications of the Halloween scare I received, I would like to think of the positives and successes. It's nothing I really plan, but it seems that for both my 100th-post anniversary and my 200th-post anniversary, I thought along the same lines. When important dates or events happen, I like to remember them for the good that comes out of them, what inspiration I can glean from them, what happiness they bring me. And there's plenty here at The Indoor Garden(er) to be happy about, inspired by, and all feel-goody toward/with/etc.!

The dwarf lime tree I bought via mail order wasn't doing amazingly on my windowsill, so it spent a few months outside at Mr. Yogato, where it proceeded not to do amazingly because of drought and people's butts. I recently brought it back home, and now it's sprouting a great deal of new growth!

Have I seriously never, ever, EVER posted a picture of my little purple-flowering Phalaenopsis? I purchased this last winter sometime (December? January?). Well, heck. Anyway--dude had a flower spike on him when I bought him a little less than a year ago, I got him home, and the almost-opened buds withered and fell off. A few months later, the remaining four or five matured and flowered, which was nice, and I can't believe I didn't post that occurrence, but it may have coincided with my multiply-broken collarbone or my niece's death, so whatever. Anyway! My miniature Phalaenopsis is growing well, has a crazy root system, and is now sending out a flower spike! That means it likes me! It really likes me!

These have had some frequent coverage here on The Indoor Garden(er), and on Twitter, where I post photos every two weeks or so (for example), but...it's November, and I have tomatoes ripening on the vine on my windowsill. Despite only having about eight or nine small tomatoes from this one plant (not a high-yield baby at all, what with it being grown in the living room), they are some of the tastiest and most rewarding I have ever known! Yeah, maybe I'd get more and tastier ones from a garden out-of-doors, but then I wouldn't be able to tell people "I grow tomatoes on my windowsill. Suck it, landowners!"

This is a complete unknown! It's in my trailing-succulent mullet planter. It started popping up last week, and I have no idea what it is or even what it could be. I don't remember planting anything in this pot other than the succulent and the Sempervivum. For scale, the leaves are about half of an inch long.

My Aloe "Firebird" that I acquired in August started sending up an inflorescence! The focus was difficult, but the blooms haven't opened yet, so I didn't try all that hard. I always take flowering as a sign of a happy plant--but it could also be an "I think I'm going to die so I better procreate now!" sign. But, regardless--flowering! Yay!

And, speaking of flowering, I can't seem to get a better picture of this Tricyrtis formosana "Samurai" than the one I posted on Twitter. That photo is the background of my phone right now. The one above I find to be cool, however, because if you click on it, you can see little individual trichomes on the underside of the flower petals. I think that's wicked-cool!

Also, I bought this a few weeks ago at Gingko Gardens here in DC. I bought other plants, too, but that's a post for another day, and one of the last in my series of recent plant-acquisition posts. This one gets on here 'cause it's prettier than the rest at the moment (but don't tell them I said that, or I'll have a riot on my hands...!).

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2 Responses to Sweet Success

  1. Kenneth- Those tomatoes look great!! This year I have planted some tomatoes in containers and I am attempting to overwinter them. I would like to ask your opinions and suggestions on lights for my sunroom. The sun room is facing south how ever there are some huge pecan trees back there that provides alot of shade. The winter time affords the sunroom more sun than usual but I think some sort of light will be needed for adult plants. I have been looking on the net but there is so much info. Any thoughts??

  2. to ATW--> hhmm...that is also what i'm going to say!..with all those pictures, those tomatoes caught my attention also!..the ripe one is the best!
    home improvements


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