Battling Bugs

I mentioned in my last post that I was exhausted after trying to get rid of the mealy bugs I found, and this photo is where I found them--on my Sedum I "acquired" from the Washington Youth Garden early this year. (Really, it was a little bit that I found on the ground, it's fine!) I had spider mites at one point, so I chopped it down, and it regrew admirably in the window and then under fluorescents, until the mealy bug issue.

I'm sad to say that this happy inflorescence is no more--I mowed it down again, sprayed the entire shelving unit full of plants with neem while keeping them quarantined in my bathroom for two weeks, and treated everything (except the edibles) with imidacloprid. I haven't seen a mealy bug in a week, but that doesn't mean they aren't still there. I haven't reinventoried, but I lost a couple plants (a Kalanchoe NOID and some other things that I don't mind losing and/or have replacements of and/or can grow from seed again if I want to).

If you click on the photo, it'll open larger in a new window. Even so, you can't fully see the tiny buggers, but trust me, those were little mealy bugs. They were all up on my Agave NOID, my Streptocarpella, and others on the two plant shelves.

Gah. It's a war I'd rather not fight in my living room, and it's much more nerve-wracking than having fungus gnats flying around or the stink bug I found last night curled up and sleeping in the crease between my Ornithogalum caudatum leaves.

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