Blustering And Blooming

It's cold out. Not insufferably cold, but almost. I used to be able to handle -10 C, but after losing so much weight, I don't have the padding I used to, and clothing really isn't as good as fat was. Drinking a liter of cold water, let alone going outside, requires me to put on a hoodie just to keep warm. And don't get me started on this frakkin' wind we've been having lately (although I do approve of today's snow!).

At least I keep warm mentally by the show of love and approval my plants give me! Although the blooming Sedum was mutilated as a result of the mealy bug infestation, there are still some other plants a-blooming right now at The Indoor Garden(er).

No, a blooming Saintpaulia isn't exactly a big deal to most people, but I'm still always thrilled when such plants, y'know, not only don't die under my care but reward me for my efforts at keeping them alive! Also, I kind of like these flowers. When I got the plant, I didn't know what type of flowers it would have--it was free from one of the Gesneriad Society meetings, it was fairly large already, and I thought "Why the hell not?"

Another gesneriad I've had for a while; I purchased this Chirita "Deco" in March at the NCAC Gesneriad Society show and sale, and it promptly dropped every single flower it was developing. So I'm pleased to report not only does it have offsets, it's also making what seem to be inflorescences!

And, y'know, the purple-blooming mini Phalaenopsis I've had for almost a year has sent out another inflorescence, too. I'm looking forward to finally getting a good photo of the blooms!

Maybe a little passe, now, but my monstrous Ornithogalum caudatum is whipping out another flower-tail. I'm almost to the point of exasperation with this--it's too much of a good thing. I might just snip the inflorescence. It keeps knocking smaller plants off the windowsill as it wiggles its way into a better light situation.

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