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I went Neoregalia- and Vriesea-crazy. I had previously ordered a bunch of Cryptanthus from Tropiflora before, and I was pleased with the plants. They aren't quite expensive on their own (at least, not the ones I allow myself to purchase), but when you get, like, eight of them at once, it very much adds up. But, the company has its "VIPP" program (the extra P is for "Plant"), and there are weekly discounts. I'm pretty sure most of these were special discount prices. Or, at least, not more than $5, mostly. Before shipping, of course.

The haul. I must stop using my bed as the photo studio. Sometimes, I end up with potting soil on it and I wonder if it's because I was walking in the "garden" before going to bed or if I had placed a pot on the sheets for some reason.

Neoregelia 'Perfecta'

Neoregelia 'Red Planet' #7

Neoregelia pauciflora x wilsoniana

Neoregelia sp. 'Fireball' green form

Schomburgkia splendida x self (yeah, I bought an orchid. I need to control myself...!)

Tillandsia abdita Mexican form

Vriesea correia-araujoi

Vriesea 'Grafton Sunset'

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2 Responses to More From Tropiflora

  1. Out of all things orchid, you'd have to get yourself a Schom! Giant things needing lots of light - flower spikes several feet tall!

  2. I never said I was reasonable. <3 crazy giant plants! It's on the headboard of my bed--tons of light throughout the day, although maybe the intensity could be better...



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