First Terrarium, First Flowering

My first-ever terrarium (well, maybe not first ever, but the ones I attempted as a child didn't turn out remotely this successfully) is insane with growth. I have cut back the Pellionia pulchra, Fittonia, and Nautilocalyx pemphidius once each and shared some at a gesneriad society meeting. I need to do so again! Luckily, such a meeting is in only a week and a half.

The N. pemphidius has been flowering for weeks. I haven't tried to pollinate the flowers for some reason--they're inside a glass jar, I always forget to.

The ailing Pilea depressa I received in trade is rejuvinating in the terrarium--it's not quite thriving, but it's not dying either. Success!

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2 Responses to First Terrarium, First Flowering

  1. how cool, I'm going to be starting a terrarium project too, as gifts to a wedding party
    please keep us posted!

  2. How fun to see it bloom! I just adore Fittonia of all varieties!


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