The Indoor Garden(er)'s Setup

I live in a studio apartment. I have a lot of furniture. I also have upward of 150 or so plants, although I guess most of them are pretty small (I used to have larger ones, but they either died, got smaller [pruning], or were bulbs/corms that went dormant and are only now resurfacing).

How does one fit huge furniture, a bicycle, tons of kitchen supplies and appliances, and a crazy-person garden in one's apartment that's smaller than many community garden plots?

Shelving. Lots and lots of shelving.

Here's the back of my bed's headboard--the bookshelf and the desk with the hutch. You can just see the end of the defunct garden box on the left with a pot that contains some Episcia I'm rooting. The orchids on the headboard and the Canna could probably use more light--they're about 10 feet from the window. But, really, where would they fit...?

Here's the other end of the garden box on the right, as well as the window sill and my apartment's all-purpose temperature-control mechanism, which I never have on because my plants live on/near it. The couch is blocking a few plants (namely the Aechmea fasciata, a fern, Aloe 'Grassy Lassie,' Aglaonema, and a couple others) that would otherwise be visible. Since taking this photo, I realized I have been doing a disservice to a few plants (mostly 'Grassy Lassie'), so the plants got shifted a little. Other plants got potted up or shifted to accommodate the movement, but generally everything's pretty similar.

The couch also blocks my germinating seedlings on a heating pad (all of which was finally just adjusted to be closer to the lights), a catering tray that I use for small plants that like extra humidity, some Crocus, a coleus, and more! But you can see most of the shelves with my lighting and plants. They're kind of slap-dash arranged, but I like how easily I can whip the couch out of the way to gain access to my plants to water or tend them--it gives me a lot of extra floor space! It's not like my lemon verbena really cares that it's up against the back of my couch. The fluorescents also provide some bottom heat for starting seeds or for plants that may like a little extra warmth.

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4 Responses to The Indoor Garden(er)'s Setup

  1. I just love posts like this! My OCD/Type A inside is screaming YES, YES! Great organization on the plant shelving Kenneth!

  2. Jeszcze można wkręcić haki do sufitu i powiesić na nich kwietniki z kwiatami. Kwiaty, szczególnie zwisające ładnie się prezentują, a powieszone blisko okna maja dużo światła. Pozdrawiam

  3. Kenneth- Your Spot is awesome!! I bet your whole deal is not about how much you. Its probably about how much more can you fit in. LOL

  4. Thank you, Erin!

    Giga, a Twitter friend suggested a similar thing. I am actually considering vertical gardening greens and herbs in the window--maybe hydroponically?

    ATW, I'm always looking for more fun things to grow. I have to seriously limit my attendance at plant swaps or sales, because I'll end up coming home with boxloads of new plants. I can't afford (financially or space-wise) to do that! I'm expanding to my boy's apartment, however--he now has a Schlumbergera in addition to his own Chlorophytum comosum and Epiprenmum aureum!


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