New Plants From Al's

I went to Al's Orchid Greenhouse with Kyoko again over the weekend. I got to use her camera to take photos, and I was offered cuttings of some pretty awesome plants! (If you're getting a sense of foreshadowing, you're right on the money--of course I did something with these beasts.)

Unfortunately, a lot of photos remain on my camera, and I can't access my old ones, because my computer is going verr├╝ckt. So, we'll see what I can cobble together--the half-dozen or so posts I have waiting in the wings will have to remain that way!

In the meantime, y'all should also check out the latest DC State Fair "State of the Fair" newsletter that I put together. If you're in the DC area, come out to the seedling swap on 14 May. It'll be a hoot! I'm starting extra seed that I bought from Renee's Garden, mostly, for those who don't have seedlings already.

Here's the spread. Most of the cuttings/seedlings/what-have-you are small, and many will remain small. Others, however, will potentially get rampant.

Dischidia sp. 'Nova' I don't think 'Nova' is actually the variety name, it's just the location in which this plant was originally found, according to the one source Kyoko found while at Al's.

Dischidia variegata (left) and Dischidia hirsuta, which I saw at the US Botanical Garden the previous weekend.

Hoya retusa (left) and Rhaphidophora celatocaulis

A Sinningia leucotricha cross

Some mini Philodendron

A creeping groundcover Ficus

And some ferns! Al says he thinks these may be hybrids of the weedy ferns he has growing in his greenhouse. I'm more than happy to take weeds off his hands!

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3 Responses to New Plants From Al's

  1. It's like furniture shopping - doesn't look like much until you get home and try to situate them all :P

  2. is *exactly* like furniture shopping. And you should see how much furniture I cram into this tiny apartment! You'll be shocked.

  3. Good luck with the Rhaphidophora - I think you are being very adventurous! I have yet to do anything with my cuttings, other than plop them into a bag with some air and damp sphagnum....


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