Spring At Mr. Yogato

These photos are almost within the range of timeliness, but not quite. Over the past month, the bulb garden at Mr. Yogato grew in and out of its splendor--the Crocus didn't have nearly the display they put on last year, unfortunately, although the Scilla siberica were/are delightful! My $13 Fritillaria camschatcensis 'Black Lily' is coming back and looks healthier than last year, although I have prepared myself to be okay with it not flowering. The tulips are sending up leaves; the Iris are mostly, too, although I think I lost one of the large black ones because of people's butts and bookbags; and my 'Dominic' daylily is also sending out more new leaves (I'm not sure he ever actually lost all his green leaves!).

Iris reticulata

Scilla siberica

Crocus 'Negro Boy'

Other plants at Mr. Yogato are showing signs of growth as well. I'm hopeful that the grapes will flower this year! The Heuchera 'Caramel' is still goin' at 'er, and the mint is, of course, growing crazy. I also scattered some seed in random places, but no, I have no idea exactly what or where they are. Some parsley, chives, bread seed black poppies, Rudbeckia, other flowers. I have tons of seedlings coming up, but I don't know what all of them are yet!

Are these the hops returning? I'd love for it to be so! It's in the right place for it, at least.

The impulse-bought columbine is coming back! It flowered a little in November last year, and then when real-winter came in December, it died back. But it made it through the frigid ordeal and is looking quite healthy now.

This photo was taken in early March--the strawberry plants are much better established now and have many more new leaves. They are not as weedy as I had hoped in this region--the plants that survive tend to be near the edge of the concrete planter instead of spreading to fill out the middle section as well, but that leaves me space to plant other things, such as the columbine, rosemary, lavender, an iris, arugula, broccoli, poppies... Much more than the little planter should be able to contain!

Speaking of rosemary, it and the lavender are putting on new growth. The fresh green leaves are more evident now than they were in early March, but it made me happy when I first noticed. I bought the columbine, lavender, and rosemary all at the same time late last fall, and I despaired when they looked scraggly and feared they wouldn't make it through the winter. (The lemon verbena did not, but that's because someone stepped on it and broke it all up before it had a chance to freeze to death.) But I was delightfully proved wrong!

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One Response to Spring At Mr. Yogato

  1. I love crocus! My hops emerged about 2 weeks ago and are much fuller looking from the base this year, so I'm sure yours will be full soon!


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