Starting Seeds Already

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A gardener who has found potting soil and pots available does not stop himself from purchasing the seed from the rack at the supermarket, despite the fact that the gardener has neither an idea how to garden in his new climate nor does the gardener have a permanent housing arrangement. Because a gardener has no self control.

The same couple who graciously shared their delicious organic cherry tomatoes (they didn't grow them [yet] but purchased them in a specialty shop in Jeddah) also shared a basil plant that had been grown as part of an Earth Day fundraiser. They had a few dozen left, so I didn't feel bad taking a small pot. It needs a heck of a lot more light, but it'll do here for the moment.

I'm assuming the seeds came from these packets, which are available at the superstore on campus, but I didn't ask about the seed supply. It looks like normal Italian basil, anyway, so I'm sure it's a good general-purpose herb.

These seeds (and more) were also available at the supermarket. I figured a Solanaceae plant would have the best chance of surviving and thriving in this oppressive heat, so I bought these green bell peppers and stuck them in some dirt in a small pot.

About a week later, these popped up! They're doing well (this photo is a few days old by now), and I might thin them in a few weeks. They'll start going outside in the morning as I get ready for work, then in the evening after I get home, then overnight, then all day! It might be a shock to go from dry, constantly air-conditioned bedroom with low light to humid, hot, intense sunlight on a balcony!

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2 Responses to Starting Seeds Already

  1. I love how you just forge ahead! That's my motto too, just like my blog title... Garden Now - Think Later, LOL! I can't wait to see what you grow. I got an heirloom tomato seed from Iraq that I haven't tried yet, I had forgotten all about it!

  2. LOL... you kindda described how i feel everytime i see a packet of seeds in the supermarket... now i think i have grown addicted.. to see which one i can grow in my aquaponics system... so far, cucumber, okra, basil, bell pepper and watermelon... its fairly easy to germinate seeds on hydroton with fish tank water .... swiss chards, parsley, spinach, capuchina and a few other flowers... but if they will actually mature and bloom in this harsh weather... this i will have to find out in the next few weeks or months.. inshallah......


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