A New Garden Buds

That post title is totally clever. You'll see why.

After returning from Saudi Arabia and having my plants appropriated and destroyed by USDA customs officials after they tracked me down to my new locale, I basically had zero plants. Luckily, there was the Gesneriad Society chapter show and sale, where I got a bunch of cuttings and rooted plants to replenish what I had lost, and a few plant friends shipped, handed, clipped, or otherwise provided plants to me. You know who you are. You know I heart you. I think, however, my beau may try to track you down and murder you in your sleep (a period during which my fluorescent lights come on and wake him up on a fairly regular basis).

Here's a photo of the shelving unit with its new plants, fluorescent bulbs, and slightly new layout.

The shelving unit is in our living room, acting like a wall from the entryway, but it allows me to easily access both sides of the shelving unit to care for all the tiny little plants. I've only killed a few since acquiring them: something labeled "S. conspicua" that I believe could be Saintpaulia inconspicua (although that doesn't matter, 'cause it dead) and an Achimenes that may be going dormant as suggested by my horticulturalist friend who only saw it at the final stages, after the fungal hyphae withered away a little. I think I killed that one all on my own merit, but there's some green something or other--so the rhizome thing may allow me to revive it a little! I'm letting it dry out right now, and we'll see how it goes.

And here are the new buds in the new garden from an old(ish) plant!

I bought this Schlumbergera for $1 at the local Giant grocery store sometime around mid-February (I think I told my beau that it was "a nice Valentine's Day plant he so nicely told me to get for myself after the fact" or something to that effect), when it was out of bud. It's in the same horrid peat potting mix in the same pot I bought it in--because 1) I left it at the boy's, 2) I shortly thereafter started planning a relocation, and 3) I don't really need a third reason.

Anyhow, the boy put the Schlumbergera out on the stoop with his Epiprenmum aureum, Chlorophytum comosum, and my Aechmea fasciata, Alternanthera dentata, and a potted planting of Narcissus that ended up staying with him. Most of the plants thrived--he watered them, it rained, they grew. Although I don't have a photo of the Schlumbergera from the winter, I don't recall it being very large. And it's not very large now, either. I don't think it grew much if it grew at all--except for these buds I just noticed! I don't know what colour they will be, but most little end-of-chain phylloclades have a single bud on them right now. I look forward to seeing them open--and pollinating them! Not that I really need hundreds of little baby Schlumbergera running around terrorizing my Plectranthus collection, but I do like the plant-sex practice.

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3 Responses to A New Garden Buds

  1. Glad to see you're rebuilding your plant collection. It's hard to loose a bunch but then you have the endless potential to get more! I like the new picture. :)

  2. My new favorite word is "Gesneriad." I'm going to use it to insult people. I could have used it just this morning on my way into work. Some drivingly-challenged dumbie cut me off, which made me mad. Instead of stewing silently, I could have yelled, "Hey, Gesneriad! Try using your turn signal next time, will 'ya?!" A somewhat vulgar but totally warranted hand gesture would have accompanied this.

  3. My Favorite is the TickleMe Plant. It is a real house plant that MoVes and closes its leaves when Tickled! http://www.ticklemeplant.com


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