It's Schlumbergera Time

The Schlumbergera NOID (I won't even try to look for an identification, but if anyone here has strong feelings about what it is, I'd be more than happy to know what I'm growing!) I got very early this year for the boy bloomed a lot this fall, although only on one side, it seems (perhaps the side that got the mid-afternoon light while on the front steps throughout the summer?). The blooms are pretty cool--not what I was really expecting, a faint, almost translucent peach colour with the bright pink stigma. And no, despite my efforts, the plant does not seem to take well to self-fertilization, unfortunately!

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3 Responses to It's Schlumbergera Time

  1. these come in zillion of colors. some are single blooms, some are double blooms. it's called December Cactus. Love these.

  2. Looks like Schlumbergera truncata 'gold charm.' I don't believe it self-pollinates. At least, I haven't been successful.

  3. I bought one years ago that was nicknamed 'Thanksgiving Cactus.' It usually blooms around February. One photo:


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