A Touch Of Pink

I have a bunch of leaf variegation in my plant collection, particularly red and purple, so it's a delight but not terribly surprising when a plant that lost its variegation regains it.

This, however, is something a bit different. Leaves from a Pachyphytum NOID I received as a "welcome back" cutting started rooting, and I was all like "Whoa, dude, you're pink."

The potted cutting and its excess leaves I left on top of the soil to root.

And root they did, but I didn't really expect the whole pink situation! You can even see some little nubbins of what may be growing points around the base of the leaf as well.

I've read around the Internets and seen Pachyphytum with pink roots, as well as mention of the same with Kolanchoe, although I haven't found any sort of even semiauthoritative source that describes the pigmentation and why it's useful for the plant.

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2 Responses to A Touch Of Pink

  1. I think the pink roots tell you the plant will get pink flowers ?

    have a nice day and enjoy your plants !

    greetings from belgium,


  2. Anthocyanins, the source of reds and purples, are antioxidants which may be helping to protect those cells, and they also can act as a "sunscreen". Once those roots go underground, check to see if they lose their red color!


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