Mostly gesneriads. Also, these photos are weeks old. I had this as a draft post from the beginning of April and just found it again!

For example, this Saintpaulia 'Optimara Little Ottawa' has fully bloomed and is on its way out already.

The Nematanthus NOID had maybe four or five flowers, but now it's out of bloom.

This photo of my Phalaenopsis 'Venus' is so old--the flower spike is over 8 inches now.

The Restrepia brachypus 'Hartford' bloomed like crazy for a while, but now it's just focusing on vegetative growth.

This Episcia 'Strawberry Patch' is kind of cute when it blooms--it reminds me of a lot of Sinningia that bloom kind of in a whirl around the top of the plant. But, recently, that Episcia and others like it were hacked to pieces and repotted in preparation for a garden social/sale this June.

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