A Hoppy Garden

I love vines. I think a garden without a bunch of vines should get some vines.

There will be no lack of vining plants in my garden this year--beans, peas, cucumber, pumpkin, squash, grapes, chayote... And now hops!

This is Humulus lupulus 'Nugget' popping out of the soil. It's a standard hop variety, with high bitter acid content good for beer brewing and other purposes. I also got 'Teamaker,' with low bitter acids. What will I do with these plants?

Beats me. I was on a plant-addiction-induced binge and finally ordered hop rhizomes on a whim. It will be another year before I will get a sizable harvest, so I am telling myself that I have time to decide what to do with these babies!

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One Response to A Hoppy Garden

  1. haha do you have a power pole nearby? Those get about 30 feet high LOL! The garden will be a fun one for sure this year!



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