Meadowview Biological Research Center

Two and a half weeks ago, I went to Meadowview Biological Research Center with a gesneriad society friend. It's one of those places that's just far enough outside of the DC metro area to seem like it's a major effort even to think about going to, but it is only an hour and a half drive away. It's a native-pitcher-plant conservation center with some protected bogs in several locations around Virginia. Unfortunately, we visited about a week too early to see the blooms--which are coming in three weeks earlier than usual, per the crazy spring weather.

The propagation beds in a bit of a disarray after the winter.

Some seedlings in the greenhouse.

Some Nepenthes in the greenhouse.

Almost-open Sarracenia next to a beaver-dammed pond.

Sarracenia bud in the propagation pools, which had a pretty cool water-siphon system setup.

I was almost convinced to buy a membership and a Cephalotus, which my friend suggested would probably grow well for me. But darn, Cephalotus are expensive! There are some cheaper ones on eBay, but I'm going to hold off for a bit--perhaps a few years.

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2 Responses to Meadowview Biological Research Center

  1. I think your Aristolochia are Nepenthes :) This looks like a really neat place, I wish I could have seen it when I was out that way!


  2. Tom, you're totally right--I was perusing a seed list with a bunch of Aristolochia before I wrote this. I blame that. >.> <.<



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