Pushing Up Fruit

While I was away in New York City, the fruity babies I picked up in South Carolina decided to come alive!

The Red Latham raspberry already had green little buds when I potted them, but now it has identifiable leaves. I can tell I will be great friends with this fruit!

I shouldn't have worried so much about the desiccated husk of a rhubarb root--I have leaves popping up everywhere in this pot! I'll almost certainly have to get a larger space for it to accommodate its growth this year--I only put it in the small pot anticipating that it might not come up.

I had also worried about the Ebony King blackberry--it didn't seem to have any fresh root growth, and no visible growing points, when I potted it. But just a few weeks later, a cane is pushing through the soil!

In addition, the elephant ear's growing tip is pushing up out of the soil, the Akita Dahlia has more leaves, the Legacy blueberry is pouting a bit (perhaps because of the weeks without light--on Tuesday, I moved all of these pots to the steps out of the basement apartment, instead of the bricked-in oubliette-style apartment entrance that gets no light), but I have hopes he'll perk up soon.

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