Sinningia defoliata Foliates

During last September's show and sale of the local chapter of the Gesneriad Society, I acquired a lot of new plants--it was only a few weeks after my return from Saudi Arabia, and the feds had only just nabbed the ragged remains of my garden, so I was trying to soothe my sorrow with new babies.

Sinningia defoliata was one of those purchases during the sale. There was one on display at the show, as well, and was one of the few plants that had any information associated with it on the table with history and habitat information. I know I took a picture of that card, but it was one of the photos that must have been lost during the hard drive migration the other month.

But, as expected, S. defoliata defoliated a few months ago. I have tried to keep it dry-ish during its dormancy, but it's near some other plants that I water on a semi-regular basis, so it does occasionally get an extra splash. The other day, I noticed something perhaps popping up--then I noticed a few more somethings. The tuber is growing new leaves! Other people have had a hard time seeing them, so I cropped real close in this photo and circled the leaves to save you the difficult search.

To give you a sense of scale, the width of the picture is about only an inch in real life, perhaps even less.

S. defoliata blooms with or without leaves present--the plant doesn't seem to care. I should learn more about this plant before it grows up!

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4 Responses to Sinningia defoliata Foliates

  1. Now this is a VERY interesting plant...loved the info on the link you provided!!! WOWZERS!

  2. I know! It's a terribly awesome plant--I think I might try to grow it to show it at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gesneriad Society show in September.

  3. In my experience it likes LOTS of light. I've been growing mine under 4 T-5 tubes. And it doesn't like being overwatered. Mine has been blooming all winter without leaves btw.

  4. 4 T-5 tubes totally beat my 2 T-8 bulbs! Plus, it's shadowed by the various Primulina and the Callisia fragrans nearby. I think this plant may actually end up going outside, however--it's probably the only way to keep it dry enough to survive. You can see that I just watered it fully for the first time in a while when I took that photo--because I had seen some leaf growth! There's another growing point further down the tuber that I just found last night (not visible in the cropped photo above).

    And, c'mon, Peter. I'm so jealous of your blooming! But I'm still new to the whole scene. And I wish I could afford to come to Seattle for the Gesneriad Society convention in July--but I'm definitely in for the regional show in Delaware!



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