Spring Growings On

I started a bunch of seed from the Washington Gardener seed exchange back in February. I apparently picked up handfuls of flower seed during that free-for-all seed-exchange haze. I've also acquired seed from other sources, and some of these aren't seeds, but they're vigorous growers, and I always love that!

My borage seedlings are doing fine at about two weeks. I picked these up during a garden-shopping spree when I got my community garden plots.

Lemon balm is another mad-gardening-haze shopping spree purchase. They took a while to germinate, but I'm sure they'll spread in no time! These will be staying in a pot.

These columbine seedlings were from a mixed packet I got at the seed exchange. I used to have one small pot with a bunch of seedlings--now I have three small pots with a bunch of seedlings.

The larkspur I got at the seed exchange looks almost like carrot seedlings. I need to separate these (at least in chunks, like I did with the columbine).

I love rhubarb, and I love how well this is growing, even under a bush and a tree. But you can tell that it lacks light--it's coming with me to the garden today.

The Teamaker hops are slowly taking off--but, then, the rhizome was much smaller and didn't already have little vines growing out of it when I potted it. It'll get stuck in a 18 liter (almost 3 cubic feet) container today, if I don't kill myself hauling potting soil to the garden in IKEA bags.

Nugget is surely going to be a winner in my book. It's a standard hop variety, high yielding, and exceedingly vigorous. Heck yeah!

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