A Succulent Arrangement

On a whim one day a week or so ago, I decided to put together a potted arrangement of succulents I had sitting around all by their lonesome, using a lot of the ones bought in New York as well as ones shared with my by a fellow plant blogger when I returned to the US and the USDA burned my plants.

I should have left more room for expansion!

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2 Responses to A Succulent Arrangement

  1. I don't know...I never seem to get a whole lot of lateral growth from my succulents...upward, yes. I like that you have filled in your pot. It looks great! Love that sort of white thing in the middle.

    1. Re: lateral growth, I have a lot of Sempervivum, Gasteria, Aloe, and other low-growing succulents in there. Really, the only vertical ones are the white Kolanchoe and the cute pine-cone-looking thing--which has been knocked over by a rat or the mailman, so it's in individual pieces now. I don't think it'll be growing terribly tall this year! I plan on splitting everything up in the fall, too, so they won't be staying in that pot for more than a season.



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