The Importance Of Drafting

Originally posted on Agritate, which is no longer active.

When I write freelance news articles, sometimes they go up in news feeds pretty swiftly. Usually, however, they are put into a publishing vortex and appear weeks later, after I’ve already forgotten every single detail about them. And sometimes, I just get too busy between when they’re turned in and when they’re published to think about featuring my writing on here.

Such is the case with these two pieces: one, a JACS Spotlight about designer protein drugs, the other, a C&EN; SCENE article about regulations on toxic metals in toys.

I have three other articles that I turned in in the past week, currently going through the editing cycle, and a profile of a scientist that will be turned in tomorrow. I should start drafting blog posts prior to turning these babies in—it’ll help me figure out why I thought they were interested when they get published weeks later!

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