USBG: Aliceara Memoria Jay Yamada 'Kauai'

In late February, I wandered down to the US Botanic Garden during the annual orchid exhibit. It seems to be about the only time I get over there! I fully intend to check it out sometime this summer--but until then, every once in a while I'll post a photo from that trip. The above orchid is "Aliceara" Memoria Jay Yamada 'Kauai.' It's an intergeneric orchid of questionable identity--I can't understand orchid-speak, so I won't confuse everyone with it! (Aliceara is, I believe, a made-up genus for crosses between a couple different orchid genuses. I need a flow chart to understand how it all works, and people don't seem to have made one for all of orchiddom!)

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2 Responses to USBG: Aliceara Memoria Jay Yamada 'Kauai'

  1. Aliceara = Brassia x Miltonia x Oncidium.

    From fishing around on-line for way too long, I came up with this:

    Aliceara Memoria Jay Yamada 'Kauai' =
    Brassidium Kenneth Bivins x Miltassia Aztec.

    Brassidium Kenneth Bivins = Oncidium cariniferum x Brassia arcuigera.

    Miltassia Aztec = Miltassia Cartagena x Miltonia Minas Gerais.

    Miltassia Cartagena = Brassia verrucosa x Miltonia Anne Warne.

    Miltonia Minas Gerais = Miltonia Anne Warne x Miltonia candida.

    Miltonia Anne Warne = Miltonia x bluntii x Miltonia spectabilis.

    Miltonia x bluntii = Miltonia spectabilis x Miltonia clowesii.

    THEREFORE, Alcra. Memoria Jay Yamada 'Kauai' =

    (Oncidium cariniferum x Brassia arcuigera) x ([Brassia verrucosa x {(Miltonia spectabilis x Miltonia clowesii) x Miltonia spectabilis}] x [{(Miltonia spectabilis x Miltonia clowesii) x Miltonia spectabilis} x Miltonia candida])

    You can see why they use the abbreviations and nothogenera and stuff.

    The genes of the final plant, then, are:
    25% Brassia arcuigera
    25% Oncidium cariniferum
    18.75% Miltonia spectabilis
    12.5% Brassia verrucosa
    12.5% Miltonia candida
    6.25% Miltonia clowesii

    Unless, of course, someone posted the wrong information somewhere, which someone almost always does.

    Am now going back to bed, as I feel a headache coming on.

  2. Mr. Subjunctive, I applaud you for your ability to withstand the complications of orchid parentage. It makes my head hurt just looking at all that! Although I enjoy the percentage list. It's like how I list my own heritage.



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